How can you be both blank and thinking at the same time? Lately, I have just been blank about almost everything. For someone who gets super hyped, and tensed over small things, I have been quite relaxed for even largely significant things, not relaxed in my thoughts, but very relaxed with my actions. Its like I have just let go of all the threads I was holding, to everything. I have just let go and I am just waiting for things to fall in place on their own. I don’t know if it will, cause they say that you need to do something to make something happen, and not just wait for time and destiny to do your work, cause that will never happen, you have to make things happen. Something like, “God helps those, who help themselves.” But then, what if you have tried and done everything that you could, and there
is nothing you or anyone can do anymore. When somethings are just out of your reach, what do you do about it, don you just wait and watch? When I was younger, I came across this prayer in some movie I was watching. It really helped sort my head quite a few times, so I always remember it. It goes like,

“Oh God! Please give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

The courage to change the things I can,

And the Wisdom to know the difference.”

Though sometimes, it makes me wonder, am I lacking the courage to change things, or being too serene and accepting things, or am I really being wise enough to differentiate between the things I can or can’t change? But then again, I am really relying on God, my instincts to give me that wisdom and hence I am acting based on those instincts. So at the moment I am not acting, I am just waiting and watching, and maybe that’s why I am blank, cause I am not really doing anything about anything, but not ignorant, so thinking about everything all the time.



We all have to make decisions, be it kids or grown ups, at all points in life. Most decisions are generally made at the subconscious level, but then again there are those conscious decisions. As kids we need to decide, red or blue, vanilla or strawberry, and many more. Most of the decisions we make as kids are at the spur of the moment, so we can generally follow our instincts, not having to think much.

As we grow older our decisions become less intuitive and more logical. They require more thinking, and can barely be taken at the moment. The more logical things become, the more complicated the decision becomes, and the more you think, the worse it is. Soon you find yourself running around in circles over that one decision. Sometimes it’s a life changing decision, other times its just some stupid thing that won’t even matter in the long run, like the color of a dress. So, well what I realize is, its not really about how important that decision is, that affects the way we decide. Its just life becomes more practical by the day, and less adventurous. As a result we must become more logical with our decisions, and less intuitive. But what if we were to make life as adventurous, then maybe we could relax a little and be intuitive with our decisions.