Thoughts & Words

Conversations intrigue me, especially those where you start off with something and get so lost in the conversation that by the time you are done talking, you have sub related everything to an entirely new topic. When one topic leads you to the next and you can go on and on for hours, leaving you intrigued by the end. I have barely met people whom I can have these conversations with. The once in a while when I meet such a person, I don’t want to stop talking or listening. Having discussed theories in my head, and coming up with new ideas through these conversations makes me alive. Sometimes with an old friend, other times with a complete stranger.

At times when I miss certain friends, it’s more like I miss those random, endless conversations. Sometimes I wish I could rewind back to a time when I was having such a conversation with someone, and just be there talking, and listening to all the interesting stuff that’s out there, stuff we are unaware of. Always having something to ponder over, something to reflect on, to keep discovering and concluding in my own way.

I feel each person is unique, in the way they think, and perceive things, situations, etc. I feel amazed to be aware of the various dimensions that can exist to one simple thing.  Things I had never thought, and would probably never think of. I believe in the power of the mind, and when those thoughts are delineated in whatsoever form, be it art or just simple words, there is endless possibilities to our existence. It is amazing how people comprehend things, and that is why conversations are so intriguing. These intricate and deep conversations leave me amazed and thinking.

I enjoy thinking, and my thoughts are always triggered by people, situations, events. When I overflow with thoughts, i feel inspired to write, and delineate these thoughts to make sense to me and the world. But when I fail to come across people, situations or events, I cease to think, hence i cease to write.



“The uncertainty of tomorrow lingers in my mind. 

Limiting my actions, my heart it binds.

Fear of the unknown, 

and the apparent that need not be shown.”

Life is full of uncertainties, but at some point uncertainty is what life is. You have reached a point, where you don’t know what to expect, even in the next minute, forget about long term. You can think all you want about tomorrow, the days to come, plan all you want, but it will just remain a mere imagination in your head. Like some virtual world, life, you are creating in your head, but when it comes to living it for real, it’s all uncertain. It makes you wonder, how are you supposed to live today then, if you have no idea what’s going to happen tomorrow. What dictates your actions today, if tomorrow is uncertain? You start wishing things were more certain, so that you would know what to do next, what to expect. You think your actions today would make a lot more sense, if tomorrow were a little more certain. But then again, think about it, do you really want things to be certain, for sure! The word ‘certain’ has such finality to it.  As long as things are uncertain, there is room for hope, you can hope all you want, for whatever you want. You can work towards that hope, you actions today don’t have to be for something that is going to happen tomorrow, but rather for something that you would like to happen tomorrow. If things were more certain, you would lose the freedom that you have with your actions today, you would know exactly what you have to do, and you would have to do that, not what you want to do. So I guess uncertainty adds some room for imagination, i.e. freedom, space to your life. Uncertainty is good. Once things are more certain, there is only so much you can hope for……


How can you be both blank and thinking at the same time? Lately, I have just been blank about almost everything. For someone who gets super hyped, and tensed over small things, I have been quite relaxed for even largely significant things, not relaxed in my thoughts, but very relaxed with my actions. Its like I have just let go of all the threads I was holding, to everything. I have just let go and I am just waiting for things to fall in place on their own. I don’t know if it will, cause they say that you need to do something to make something happen, and not just wait for time and destiny to do your work, cause that will never happen, you have to make things happen. Something like, “God helps those, who help themselves.” But then, what if you have tried and done everything that you could, and there
is nothing you or anyone can do anymore. When somethings are just out of your reach, what do you do about it, don you just wait and watch? When I was younger, I came across this prayer in some movie I was watching. It really helped sort my head quite a few times, so I always remember it. It goes like,

“Oh God! Please give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

The courage to change the things I can,

And the Wisdom to know the difference.”

Though sometimes, it makes me wonder, am I lacking the courage to change things, or being too serene and accepting things, or am I really being wise enough to differentiate between the things I can or can’t change? But then again, I am really relying on God, my instincts to give me that wisdom and hence I am acting based on those instincts. So at the moment I am not acting, I am just waiting and watching, and maybe that’s why I am blank, cause I am not really doing anything about anything, but not ignorant, so thinking about everything all the time.

Just love

Is friendship really underrated? They say that we all come into this world for a reason, and that the bonds we share with people around us are also for reasons. People come into our lives and we are a part of others lives, all for some reasons. Things we don’t know or realize immediately, but sometimes eventually we figure out these reasons, other times we help each other out in sub conscious ways and not even realize. Somebody once advised me, never to block out any person that comes into my life, girl/guy, friend/ sibling, whatever it is, I should just leave space for them to come into my life. Since each person we come across has some role to play in our lives, even strangers.
Sometimes you also come across people, with whom you click instantly, as if you have known each other for ages. They say, its coz your souls shared a deep bond in your past lives, probably as lovers, siblings, parent-child, etc. So if you come to think of it at a higher level, love is just love, whether it be for your sibling or for your lover, or for your friend, it cant be compared. So then why is it that friendship is always underrated, why are friends always looking for more? Isn’t the love we share as friends good enough for our lifetime. Also shouldn’t we always be welcoming people into our lives without having a purpose in mind. Why does every relation need a destination, and why cant the destination stop at friendship. Why must one always fret over it, why can’t we be happy with the way it is. Why must the bond with lovers be overrated and the bond with friends be underrated? Isn’t love just love, why does it need to be segregated?


They always said that life is simple as kids , but when I was a kid I never understood that theory. Nothing was ever simple, starting from choosing the right people to be around, to working on your skills and talents. Childhood was fun, obviously, but it was equally tasking, molding yourself, fitting in to the world around you. Then why do they say that things are simple back then. We have fun even now as adults. We have our own share of work time and play time. As children we think that adults can do whatever they like, while we have to follow the rules. It’s only when we grow up we realize how false that is. As we are growing up we start to inculcate responsibilities within us. We start with being responsible for our own selves; responsible for staying out of trouble, responsible for focusing on the right things, responsible for our future and what’s important to us. Then we are responsible for our siblings, taking care of them, keeping them out of harm, caring for their feelings. As we grow even older we start to take responsibility for our relationships, that we develop with our friends and cousins. After a while we we feel responsible for our parents, and the rest of our family and friends, then for our work, and so on. Then there comes a point when we feel so responsible for everything and everyone else that we almost forget to be responsible for our selves….Do we need to start all over again and make things more simple?


CHANGE – Its surprising how this one small word could be viewed in a
billion of aspects. How this one word relates one moment to the next ,
one day to another, one place to the other, person -to- person, and
moreover every small thing in your life.
LIFE- Change is an inevitable aspect of life. No matter how hard you
try or how neutralised you want to be, CHANGE is going to happen to
you , and your life, to all the people and the things involved in your
life.Notably CHANGE is not going to come and go in phases.It is going
to constantly happen to you and everything to do with you in every
second that you live.

I had been hearing things like these all my life , in bits and pieces
from different people, but only recently I was able to actualize it in
my life. Obviously I realized that these small constant changes are a
result of some huger change that happens to you.So now that I have
come into terms with the fact that change is going to happen, no
matter what.There is only one thing that is left to me , CHOICE – Its
my choice whether to ACCEPT this change and make the most of every new
thing that comes my way, or IGNORE it , pretending that things are the
way they always were and continue living my lifestyle as always, only
to give up eventually, or REJECT the change, and crib about why things
are changing and why is it happening to me, and why cant I do anything
to change the CHANGES. which I can do practically for a really long
time, until i realize that it is not going to do anything to revert to
how LIFE was before the CHANGE.

The past

‘Let go’, ‘move on’, ‘look forward’, ‘don’t live in the past’. Ever wondered why we have to be reminded on this so often. Why is it that we keep looking back, dwelling in our past. Our parents never get over our childhood memories. We love taking and looking at photographs, reminiscing the happy and unhappy moments.
I read somewhere that our history is important, it guides us, shows us who we were, who we have been and in a way also who we can become. Does thinking, talking and reminiscing about the past necessarily mean that we r living in our past?
I believe it’s important and natural to be reflective of the past, cause that’s what living today means. You are in this moment, you look at yourself and realise that what you are today is not out of this static moment, but a result of continuous moments in the past, while you are still evolving and transforming. If what you are today has shaped up from everything you have been until before today, then how can u even think of ignoring, deleting or forgetting the past. Somethings are too significant to just let go.