They always said that life is simple as kids , but when I was a kid I never understood that theory. Nothing was ever simple, starting from choosing the right people to be around, to working on your skills and talents. Childhood was fun, obviously, but it was equally tasking, molding yourself, fitting in to the world around you. Then why do they say that things are simple back then. We have fun even now as adults. We have our own share of work time and play time. As children we think that adults can do whatever they like, while we have to follow the rules. It’s only when we grow up we realize how false that is. As we are growing up we start to inculcate responsibilities within us. We start with being responsible for our own selves; responsible for staying out of trouble, responsible for focusing on the right things, responsible for our future and what’s important to us. Then we are responsible for our siblings, taking care of them, keeping them out of harm, caring for their feelings. As we grow even older we start to take responsibility for our relationships, that we develop with our friends and cousins. After a while we we feel responsible for our parents, and the rest of our family and friends, then for our work, and so on. Then there comes a point when we feel so responsible for everything and everyone else that we almost forget to be responsible for our selves….Do we need to start all over again and make things more simple?


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