CHANGE – Its surprising how this one small word could be viewed in a
billion of aspects. How this one word relates one moment to the next ,
one day to another, one place to the other, person -to- person, and
moreover every small thing in your life.
LIFE- Change is an inevitable aspect of life. No matter how hard you
try or how neutralised you want to be, CHANGE is going to happen to
you , and your life, to all the people and the things involved in your
life.Notably CHANGE is not going to come and go in phases.It is going
to constantly happen to you and everything to do with you in every
second that you live.

I had been hearing things like these all my life , in bits and pieces
from different people, but only recently I was able to actualize it in
my life. Obviously I realized that these small constant changes are a
result of some huger change that happens to you.So now that I have
come into terms with the fact that change is going to happen, no
matter what.There is only one thing that is left to me , CHOICE – Its
my choice whether to ACCEPT this change and make the most of every new
thing that comes my way, or IGNORE it , pretending that things are the
way they always were and continue living my lifestyle as always, only
to give up eventually, or REJECT the change, and crib about why things
are changing and why is it happening to me, and why cant I do anything
to change the CHANGES. which I can do practically for a really long
time, until i realize that it is not going to do anything to revert to
how LIFE was before the CHANGE.