The past

‘Let go’, ‘move on’, ‘look forward’, ‘don’t live in the past’. Ever wondered why we have to be reminded on this so often. Why is it that we keep looking back, dwelling in our past. Our parents never get over our childhood memories. We love taking and looking at photographs, reminiscing the happy and unhappy moments.
I read somewhere that our history is important, it guides us, shows us who we were, who we have been and in a way also who we can become. Does thinking, talking and reminiscing about the past necessarily mean that we r living in our past?
I believe it’s important and natural to be reflective of the past, cause that’s what living today means. You are in this moment, you look at yourself and realise that what you are today is not out of this static moment, but a result of continuous moments in the past, while you are still evolving and transforming. If what you are today has shaped up from everything you have been until before today, then how can u even think of ignoring, deleting or forgetting the past. Somethings are too significant to just let go.