The truth

Gandhiji said “truth is God”, and a close friend has convinced me that God lies within us, then all the truth lies within us as well. I realized this very recently when I had all these questions and doubts that I wanted to find the answers to. Even after much retrospection and rewinding everything again and again I had no answers. I wanted to seek for those answers from people around me. I was sure I would find some answers by talking to the associated person(s). When I realized that wasn’t an option, I tried to let the questions be. I decided to move on with the questions lingering, consoling myself with assumptions and stories. Today I had a moment where I looked within myself, asking those questions to myself as if I was confronting someone. I seeked within me, and I instantly had all the answers. Everything made sense. I realize now that we are self sufficient to clear our doubts and answer all our questions. It’s true that the universe is within us and hence we, ourselves have all the answers that we seek. We just need to pause and confront our own inner self. So maybe in order to become closer to the truth, or God for that matter, we need to become closer to our selves, to know us better, be aware of our own inner self. Anytime that we have doubts, or any “why’s?”, “what’s” or “how’s”that we don’t have the answers to, we don’t need to ask anyone else or look anywhere else. We just need to look within.


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