Real Illusions

Sometimes even illusion reaches such extremity that it starts to seem
real, while on the other hand even an extreme version of reality
blinds our mind and seems illusional. And we reside all the way from
illusion to reality and even in between. We take what comes our way
with no choice. We cant stop illusion from creeping into our lives,
cause we don want to. We love illusion. We welcome it as it is coming,
and enjoy it once it is there. But when reality is on its way, we don’t
want it, we repel it, yet we cant stop it. Reality seems so illusional
to us that it just doesn’t seem real, and we start living so much in our
ILLUSIONS dat it becomes REALITY to us. Finally when reality creeps in, we find it hard to accept cause all this while we were living in
illusion assuming it to be real, so now we keep wishing this reality to
be just an illusion. In other words we just cant believe it when
something real happens. Some of us cant accept it . We wish for
otherwise. Sooner or later we learn to accept reality and keep aside
illusion. Wishing we had
assumed illusions to be illusional, and reality to be real.


Lost in a crowd

Have you ever sat amongst a crowd and felt completely aloof, with nothing to add on to the conversations  around you.Your head serene, yet full of thoughts. When you don’t necessarily have to leave the room, or be alone to immerse further into those thoughts. You can walk about the room nodding and smiling to the people around and yet be lost in your thoughts, smiling to your self at the same time. When you can cancel all the noise around you and feel the peace without having to shut your senses.


We all have to make decisions, be it kids or grown ups, at all points in life. Most decisions are generally made at the subconscious level, but then again there are those conscious decisions. As kids we need to decide, red or blue, vanilla or strawberry, and many more. Most of the decisions we make as kids are at the spur of the moment, so we can generally follow our instincts, not having to think much.

As we grow older our decisions become less intuitive and more logical. They require more thinking, and can barely be taken at the moment. The more logical things become, the more complicated the decision becomes, and the more you think, the worse it is. Soon you find yourself running around in circles over that one decision. Sometimes it’s a life changing decision, other times its just some stupid thing that won’t even matter in the long run, like the color of a dress. So, well what I realize is, its not really about how important that decision is, that affects the way we decide. Its just life becomes more practical by the day, and less adventurous. As a result we must become more logical with our decisions, and less intuitive. But what if we were to make life as adventurous, then maybe we could relax a little and be intuitive with our decisions.


Have u ever felt infinity? The feeling that something can go on forever. I realized that feeling when I was swimming, when the water felt endless, and I just kept going on like there was no end. Then I looked up to the sky and felt the same, there was no end, everything up above was infinite. I felt the same when bungy jumping off a bridge, like I would never stop falling.
The feeling that something can go on and on, forever. Like it never has to stop. You don’t have to hurry up to it. You can just be there doing your thing and continue feeling that thing because it feels infinite and you know that it won’t ever end, at least not in that moment. To be able to feel something like that, kind of makes you feel infinite about yourself. You can keep going on forever!




Life is full of surprises, good and bad! Every time you think you have it all clear and sorted, life will grab you, turn you upside down and shake you up till everything is all muddled up inside. Even the times when you are baffled beyond your imagination with one thing or the other, life still wont fail to surprise you. Life will put you in the strangest of situations, places you had never expected yourself to be in, and ask you to just deal with it. By the time you are even starting to get a grasp of whats happening with you or around you, you are expected to act. What do you think you are doing then ? You are just going with the flow, you don’t know what is happening around you, still grasping things. Your actions are unplanned, they are just reactions to the situations, that are new to you, that you don’t understand. A mistake most of us make during such times is that we tend to look back to reflect, to ponder upon our actions, to clarify the happenings to ourselves. What we don’t realise is that there are really no answers. We can look back and reflect as much as we want, trying to find the answers to our actions, but what really happens is us reacting and not acting, and hence we should stop demanding or craving for that clarity of us and of others, and just go with the flow rather than planning.